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zaragoza, november 26 (cablescom) — yesterday was a day for celebration!


we received the maz healthy company award for our commitment to the mental and physical well-being of all of us who are part of the cablescom team.


yesterday was the 6th national edition of the maz healthy company award ceremony, and cablescom was awarded the prize in the large company category for the physical and mental well-being of its workforce.

for cablescom it was an honour to receive this award, given the complicated health-emergency situation in the country. this recognition enables us to continue working together with the same global objective, to ensure worker well-being today more than ever.


isabel banzo, director of human resources at cablescom, highlighted the constant work by the entire workforce in this difficult stage, and she thanked the hengtong group for their constant close support throughout.


ms. banzo thanked the whole team - that is everybody in the company - for this recognition, since, as stated above, "this award highlights the involvement and effort of all our workers."

the awards ceremony, which was held online, was attended by ms. banzo and mr. josé mª urgelés castillón, external manager at maz.


likewise, ms. banzo pointed out that “people are the soul of cablescom and, therefore, the culture of occupational risk prevention represents a key pillar to achieve improvement in working conditions, the well-being of employees and the reduction in the accident rate.”

maz is a national company that manages health recovery and economic benefits for workers among its member companies and self-employed entities. founded in 1905 in zaragoza, maz protects more than 650,000 workers from more than 80,000 companies, and has a network of 220 healthcare centres, the maz hospital in zaragoza prominent among them.